13 April 2009

Just what is this socialism anyhow? And why is it evil??

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey indicated only 53% of American adults believe capitalism is better than socialism.

Dan Ferris, Free Marketeer deluxe on S&A Digest says: "So... 47% of American adults – almost half – think less freedom is better than more freedom, and believe punishing success and rewarding failure is better than the converse.

The electorate is an ignorant, jealous mob that's getting more and more of exactly what it wants – your money. Democracy is working. The Amerikan people have spoken, and they want your money.

Pardon me, Dan; your cabal of unbridled lazaire faire capitalists have had nearly thirty years of the I got mine so go get yours society and it has left us in a mess with a food-rioting population and a good chance of experiencing violent revolution.

Social Democracy has worked quite well in the rest of the industrialised world for four decades and even in this current depression, Europe is faring far better than are we.

The function of enlightened government is to serve, protect, and uplift its employers, the people. Corporations, no matter what the law states, are not persons and must be well regulated. Employers must be held in check to prevent abuse of the workforce and labour unions must be reformed and revitalised so that people can feel as though they have a say in their lives and livelihoods rather than rightly feeling like powerless wage-slaves.

The problem is not governmental influence upon society. Rather the problem is the manner in which governmental influence is wielded. To bail-out banks is foolish. To bail-out the American people is wise.

Julian Bond said quite well that "there are no handrails in America. One must fall all the way to the floor before a helping hand is offered." Let's get real and start erecting handrails; that is how we uplift the people and build a lasting civilization.

More later...

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