04 August 2009

Harry Reid Must Be Replaced As Senate Majority Leader

Harry Reid is a waffling, mincing, milquetoast sop to bipartisanship and his failure to lead is hurting the progressive cause.

After thirty-plus years of "I've Got Mine", "Me Generation" politics and policy, we need a Democratic Majority Leader that will lead rather than compromise. The Democrats have the votes to do what they were elected to do, yet they continue to woo Republicans who have no desire to help and to molly-coddle "Blue-Dogs" who need to be muzzled and leashed until they learn to play for the home team.

The Democrats need to stop bringing a butter knife to a gun fight, tell the GOP to sit down and shut up on the back bench they earned with their failure and ineptitude.

It is time for this change now and Harry reid must be usurped and replaced.

RM! Aggregate