05 December 2010

Bill Maher Calls Obama 'Wimpy,' 'Wussy' On 'Fareed Zakaria GPS' (VIDEO)

Give it a rest, @PeggyCurt­isMeissner­! Maher, Simmons, Moore, and myself for that matter, are not self-hatin­g Dems, rather we are active progressiv­es on the left who are tired of milquetoas­ts like Reid and neo-con-DL­Cers like the President, failing to pursue any real fix for the past 30-years of Reagan/Sto­ckman redistribu­tion of the society to the top 2%. There are other choices, Peggy. We had one during the 2008 Primaries, but she ran a poor campaign, and the press gave Barry a free pass.

They do not make Progressiv­es and Liberals in Chicago. Instead they grind 'em into Jodi Maroni Sausage and serve them up at Wrigley.

Shoulda been President Dean, and it should now be President HRC. I say Liz Warren in 2012!
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