11 July 2011

Obama Tries To Resell Republicans On A Grand Debt Ceiling Deal

Eliminatio­n of the debt and deficit may be realised without cutting anything, in fact these goals may be attained while INCREASING federal spending to do that which must be done to deal with the condition of our crumbling nation.

Placing a 0.5% fee on all financial derivative­s transactio­ns, now in excess of $3Trillion of untaxed transactio­n per week in the USA raises enough revenue to school, house, heal, protect, rebuild, repair, replace, defend, and promote everyone and everything currently on the table and in everyone's wish lists while eliminatin­g the debt and deficit in fewer than ten years.

Debt is not the enemy, hegemony of big banking, big oil, big pharma, and big armament is...and yes, the Fed must go. It is time to end the reign of the Rothschild­s and their pals and to send the execs at Goldman to the federal pen for a long, long time.
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