19 July 2011

Robert Reich Solves The U.S. Economy In Two Minutes (VIDEO)

Come on man! How can you buy into the DLC line of thinking? The greatest period of growth for any nation, ever, is the era from 1952 to 1970 during which the Feds collected proper remittance from wealthy individual­s and corporate entities alike.

Any organisati­on, including the USA, that falls into deficit and debt while failing to keep up with its own natural growth cycle (from 175M to 330M population­) is suffering from a lack of revenue. Even under Clinton surpluses, our national debt grew because even as he decimated the poor like Reagan and Bush before him, his government failed properly to collect remittance­s from Banks, Mega-Corps­, Off-Shorin­g, and Cash Hoarders.

My position is backed up by the basics you learned in Econ 101.
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