22 September 2011

Tony Bennett On 9/11: 'They Flew The Plane In, But We Caused It'

1. We did not and do not belong in Iraq. approx. 3,000 pol prisoners suffered under Saddam w/ thousands of Kurds we had abandoned, now millions of women suffer under the current regime.

2. Bin Laden is a creation of the USA under Reagan as a foil against the USSR

3. Bush was warned of the likelihood of an impending attack by the Bin Laden led criminals and ignored it.

4. Occupying an Islamic nation is a fool's errand.

5. I have little doubt that ARAMCO and Halliburto­n (w/Cheney included) knew the WTC attack was coming, perhaps even with knowledge of the day and time.

6. Using armies to catch criminals is like hunting mosquitoes with a cruise missle, a very ineffectiv­e and expensive way to go.

7. I cannot fault Bennett one whit for his opinion.

8. Today's blind "patriotis­m" is a mask worn by bigots and cowards.

9. GW Bush was never a legitimate­ly elected president, rather an installed squatter.

10. Pttthpt!
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