08 November 2012

Bigotry In A "Post-Racial" USA

Let me make it entirely clear that no matter what result had come in on Tuesday, and make no mistake that I am extremely happy with the result we gleaned, I'd harbour no ill will for those I know who rooted for the Republican Empty Suit and his allies.

That said, the vile bile and resentment that some six 'friends' have lobbed my way prior to 'un-friending' me on the social networks is beyond my reckoning.

All I can imagine is that these folks, all lily-white, faux christian, and blindly partisan Republican, find my multi-ethnic, highly liberal and progressive personage to be a direct affront on their closeted, self-denied bigotry versus a relatively moderate mixed-race gentleman whom they believe has no place sitting freely in the "White" House.

I hold no enmity, resentment, or animosity toward these folks. I do feel sorry for them as the future holds tremendous disappointment and disillusionment for their un-evolving souls.

I wish all of them well and I hope they will find some peace, somehow, in their lives going on in world in which the white folk hold less and less hegemony over the brown, yellow, red, and black.

Personally, whether in my childhood in which I alternately suffered those who called me kike, hebe, camel jockey, elephant boy, or even nigger, or after September 11 2001 in Los Angeles wherein I was hassled or threatened while driving my 560SL with an American flag flapping on a mast mounted on my trunk lid because I was 'driving while sorta eastern-brown, I have never felt like anything other than an American.

I am a Boy Scout and an American entrepreneur. I am a serial 'Job Creator' and I have always been race agnostic in my mental and social calculus. I have worked as a Poll Inspector and Auditor in many places, helping to facilitate the ultimate expression of Americanism, the right to vote.

When I've been financially flush and folks I knew needed help, I never refused, even when I knew I was unlikely ever to see repayment. I was raised to believe there is no greater responsibility as a conscious being than the responsibility to help those who have fallen. I take that ethos to heart in all that I do.

So, to those who have left my social sphere because I supported our Mulatto President, I say a sad goodbye. To those who remain my friends and associates even as my support for our President continues, I say howdy and good morning.

Whichever group you fall into and to those who fall into neither, know that I have boundless love for all of you and for every living creature on this planet and throughout the quantum multiverse. I hope that at least a few of you will find it in your hearts to return the same to me.


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