29 December 2015

A Bit of Why I Believe in the Truth of Hillary's Progressive Nature.

I listened today to a couple of NPR examinations (kind of fluffy) of Hillary's upbringing in Park Ridge, Illinois in the "innocence" of the suburban 1950s. "Retracing Where Hillary Clinton Grew Up, 1950's Park Ridge, Ill." and "Growing Up In Protected Americana, Hillary Clinton Looked Outside The Cocoon"

As others have said, there was naught innocent about the '50s. It was prosperous, for whites. It was safe, for whites. Yet even for white folk, it was the beginning of corporate war. It was also the burgeoning of the corporate welfare that spawned the car culture thus yoking us to the big oil teet, and let's not forget the national prominence of the Klan and the institutional nature of Jim Crow laws in the south, with segregation entrenched as far north as Missouri and Iowa.

That our next President, Hillary Clinton, managed to grow up from a suburban, high school, Goldwater Girl to be a progressive thinker, interested in the plight of the poor and minority populace, is a testament to liberal education in university and the value of education in creating a more reasonable and equitable society.
Wellesley and romance with a young, idealistic Bill Clinton turned the young Ms. Rodham's head and heart toward the  construct of betterment of life for all her fellow humans and away from the politics of fear.

I believe she remains this person today.  She's not perfect, then again who is? Yes, she can be a bit hawkish, yet in reading all she wrote in college and since, in parsing her speeches and her attempts at action as first lady in Arkansas and in The White House, I find a woman committed to education, housing, food security, healthcare, and opportunity for all people, regardless of colour, creed, class, or politic. These are the reasons I support Hillary as my candidate for President of the United States of America.

I love my former senator, Bernie Sanders and support his bid for a bully pulpit of greater consequence, yet I do not see enough difference in likely result of his potential Presidency over Ms. Clinton's. Thusly I remain fervent in my belief that after 220 years of motherfuckers, it is indeed time for a mother.
Hillary is that mother. Hillary is #45.

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