06 December 2015

Reasonable Gun Control, for When the USA Chooses Reason Over Insanity

For the record, on reasonable #guncontrol,
  1. if you want to own a single shot non-concealable weapon, I've no objection., Hunters seek to kill w/ a single shot. No semiautomatics, no repeating guns.
  2. All weapons should be accounted. Annual registration and inspection at bureau offices,
  3. Annual psychological evaluation for all gun owners,
  4. Skills course required for all those who wish to keep guns,
  5. Annual continuing education required for all those who wish to keep guns,
  6. Annual live skills test at the local office of the new Department of Firearms Registration,
  7. No concealed carry permits for anyone, if you want to carry, it's in the open so we all know you have that threatening thing on your person,
  8. #Smartguns - #biometric locking mechanisms are already available - only the registered owner can unlock the trigger, the biometrics settable only at the new Department of Firearms Registration,
  9. Own a gun, carry insurance. Minimum liabilities coverage in line with automobile insurance, with no limits on liability in torts brought against a gun owner who shoots another person,
  10. All ammunition annually accounted, registered, and securely stored in a manner approved and certified by the new Department of Firearms Registration.
Basically, you're gonna have to be grownups and give up wanting to be prepared to shoot other people. Instead, guns will be for those who hunt, and we'll leave the weapons of war to the Armed Forces for use in defending us from EXTERNAL foes.
If we disarm the gun hoarding populace and the street patrolling police, the day will come when physical force won't be the primary means of governance. We who work for it are perseverant and patient.
And for those who believe cops need to be armed to the teeth, sorry, you're mistaken. Look to the UK where non-lethal force is the primary force applied. Special police units, like our FBI, check out specialized deadly weapons from a secured armory only when the situation merits and superiors authorise such actions. Consequently, murder by cop and police deaths in the line of duty are exceedingly low.
Ultimately, even if it takes a generation or longer, #Peace will prevail.

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