Know me?

I am the Founder of Revolutions Wind ~ manufacturing the least expensive, most efficient electrical and mechanical power solution on earth today. The goal is to provide equal access to energy for all. You can be part of this revolution in energy and profit as we grow. Our private placement of shares offers registration rights & lifetime dividends for all investors. Go to to find out how.

Politically progressive and economically realistic, I have one primary question. Why were the early robber-barons wise enough to realise that reasonable profit is enough to build a fortune while allowing the enrichment of the workforce, thus building a society and viable nation, yet the current crop of un-invested executives have been allowed to believe the rape of nations in a quest for maximum profit is an acceptable practice, even as they watch the world burn?

Do yourself a favour and defy the encroaching police state every day in every peaceful way that you are able. Oh, and start voting in your economic interests, okay?

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