05 May 2016

Is Bernie a Democrat or an Interloper?

I will support whomever the Democratic Party nominates. The process is the process. Reality dictates that until ALL private capital is forbidden in electioneering, democracy is compromised. For reference, Senator Sanders has outspent Secretary Clinton by nearly 2-1.

Just the same, Ms. Clinton has received 3M+ more votes than Senator Sanders thus far. It looks as though the popular vote will affirm the delegate count and that the good Secretary shall be the nominee. 

If one seeks the Democratic nomination, they join a union to steer the nation toward equality, dignity, health, kindness, productivity, labor rights, and genuine compliance with UDHR. If they are not genuinely committed to that union, they have no business seeking the nomination, having taken advantage of the party's name in poor faith.

If we don't get everything we want, right now, it's not time to throw a hissy fit, rather it's time to hunker down and work for a White House somewhere on the left with a downticket that populates Congress with those who'll work toward betterment of the people at large. 

On the day DOMA errantly passed and ENDA wrongly failed, I stopped Senator Kennedy in the Senate Cloakroom and complained to him about the result of the vote and the Democrats who voted the wrong damned way. 

Senator Kennedy admonished me saying; "When we worked on Civil Rights, everything failed repeatedly...until we succeeded in a battle that began long before I arrived."

He continued; "Every time we go through this process, it's three steps forward and two steps back. That means we are always moving forward. In the end, the people shall prevail."

If, as seems likely, Secretary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, Bernie and his Berners do well to eschew the roles of opportunist, interloper, and adolescence. They do well to push up their sleeves, and get to work electing the Democratic Nominee and a Democratic Majority in the Senate and the House, preferably with plenty of good women in the mix. 

If  Senator Sanders attains the nomination, the same applies to the majority who remain #Still4Hill.

If you're part of the nominating process, you're likely a registered Democrat, as Bernie has become for the first time in his life. So, get to work and be an active participant in the hard work of campaign and VOTING to make our country a place with actual liberty and justice for ALL.


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